Overcoming My Disabilities
            I visited my neighbor’s church this past Sunday evening.  I was there to hear him speak for the first time.  A man, whose relationship with God I have come to know and truly respect; some would also say has been crippled by the disabling effects of a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  
However, in listening to him speak, I found myself speechless.  After praying for protection, “invisibility” and God’s will for his sermon, Br. Allen proceeded to share a nearly thirty-minute message in which he showed no signs or symptoms of MS.
            In fact, virtually every symptom I had witnessed as his neighbor developing over the course of the last two years simply disappeared.
            I began to wonder.  How many of my disabilities (or as some would call them, “issues”), would disappear if I devoted more time, effort and energy to God and his word.
            Watching Br. Allen preach, I was overwhelmed at the virtual miracle standing before me.  The slurred and slowed speech I had witnessed in conversations with my neighbor was gone.  Completely gone.  What was in its place was a clear, concise, coherent, and encouraging and informative message from God.
I sometimes wonder why I (and others) suffer with certain daily struggles.  As a woman who defines herself as one who loves Jesus with all that I am, I still suffer from the crippling effects of a short temper, bouts of doubt and worry about the future, as well as the never productive comparing myself with others who have more, can do more and have suffered less than me. (Or so I think.)
            As I begin to think about plans, goals and dreams for the New Year, I want to take a lesson from my neighbor and friend, Allen. 
            The lesson I learned this past Sunday evening?  Focus on God, not your problems; and watch your disabilities disappear.  Saturate yourself in God’s word and be healed from the crippling effects of living in a sin-filled world.
            Still not convinced?  Take a lesson from someone else who knows first-hand the power of Jesus.  His brother, James; “So humble yourselves before God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” James 4:7,8.
            May you experience a miraculous healing of your “disabilities” through a renewed relationship with Christ and a deeper devotion to his word, as you begin to embark on the New Year.