Bring Equipped Ministries to your next event

Equipped Ministries offers a wide range of programming opportunities designed to meet the unique requests and desires of our clients.  Whether you are looking to fill a 1-hour time slot or a weekend retreat Equipped Ministries will design a program that address issues directly and indirectly related to improving overall health and wellness.  Statistics show us that men,women and children who are at a healthy weight are more pro-active at home and work, perform at higher levels, react more positively and efficiently in stressful situations and are overall happier and more productive in their personal and professional lives.

It is the goal of Equipped Ministries to share personal stories and proven strategies that will educate, motivate and inspire others toward healthier lifestyles.  Our ultimate goal is to "Equip" others to live and become the masterpieces we were designed for.

Contact Julie today to discuss your opportunity to bring Equipped Ministries to your next event and get ready to become "Equipped" for life!

"You are thoroughly equipped for every good work!."  2 Timothy 3:17
(And that includes losing weight and living healthy for Christ!)